Haunebu Archivum

The time came to release a full archive for the thematics of „Haunebu“, the german flying sourcers as the natively english speaking readers would call them.

I’ll try to translate all the used texts into english, too. However, there might be untranslated texts in the archive due of time matters.
I’m also going to contact some english autors to participate in this site who may write content to this site in their own language. Therefore I’ll go back and possibly translate it into german and vice versa.

In the next months we’re going to create the following Haunebu archive:

  • Haunebu data and facts
  • Haunebu pictures/images but also artistic expressions of the Haunebu thematics
  • Haunebu video and footages
  • UFO – since the thematics of UFO sightning go along with the history of Haunebu there is a must to mention them in the same line.

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